Insurance Coverage

Minimum age requirement of 25 years old to tow the travel trailer rentals, Renter shall bear all risk of damage, loss, theft, or destruction of the Equipment from any cause whatsoever, and must provide proof of insurance coverage from renters insurance company or you have the choice of purchasing our Damage and waiver loss package.

Booking Deposit and our Cancellation Policy

A deposit equal to half of the total rental cost will be required to confirm the booking.

The booking deposit is non-refundable if the trip/rental is cancelled 14 days prior to the first scheduled rental day.

Units must be cleaned upon return date.

Included In Rental

A complete list of included items will be provided with the unit on your first day. Take the time to ensure that all items are present at the beginning and end of the trip. The kitchen is complete with cookware, coffee perk and filters, kettle, can opener, knives, utensils and dishes and cutlery for maximum occupancy, broom, dustpan, barbeque, axe, fly swatter, garbage can and bags…

Items Not Included in Rental

** Inverter generator is available at extra cost.

This Agreement is not an agreement of purchase or of conditional sale. Title to the Equipment remains with the Lessor at all times. The Renter shall not assign this Agreement or sublet or lend the Equipment or any part thereof and will at all times keep the Equipment in his own possession.

The Equipment shall at all times remain personal property and shall not in any manner be affixed or attached to any land or holdings without the prior or written consent of the Lessor.

Delivery and Return of Equipment

Renter acknowledges he has examined the travel trailer and knows the condition thereof, acknowledges that the travel trailer is in good condition and repair, and agrees that he will return the travel trailer in the same condition.

Renter acknowledges that the responsibility of appropriately sizing the travel trailer with the towing vehicle is the responsibility of the renter.

The travel trailers must be clean and ready for pickup at the location and on the date and time agreed to on the front page of our SNA Rental contract.

Renter agrees to contact Lessor if the unit will be returned later than agreed upon time.

Renter agrees to immediately contact the Lessor if the unit has any leaks or if any damages occur to the travel trailer rental.

Both parties shall sign off on the condition of the travel trailer terms at the time of pickup and return of the unit.

Security Deposit

Due to the economic challenges and to make our rentals more affordable, we do not require a security deposit. Details on damage compensation will be discussed upon deposit confirmation.

Liability and Insurance

The Renter agrees to provide proof of fire, theft, and extended coverage and third-party liability insurance on the Travel trailer for the duration of the agreement, ensuring the interest of the Lessor and the renter.

The payment of any and all deductible to be paid in the event of an insured loss or claim is the responsibility of the Renter unless the Renter has signed and paid for the Damage and loss waiver package attached in the SNA Rentals contract.

Notwithstanding that the Renter agrees to provide the insurance described above and in consideration of all the services provided to the Rental Company under this Agreement:

  1. The Renter acknowledges, accepts and assumes the risks and dangers involved in using the Equipment.
  2. The Renter agrees to indemnify the Rental Company and to protect and save the Rental Company harmless against any and all loss or damage to the Equipment, the Renter, the Renter’s property, any third party or party’s property, howsoever arising from the location, condition or use or misuse of the Equipment, the Rental Companies own negligence, and from every other liability, claim and demand whatsoever from whomsoever, and whether arising during or after the term of this Agreement or arising while the Equipment is in the possession or control of the Renter; and
  3. The Renter agrees to release the Rental Company, its agents, insurers, and employees, from any and all liabilities, actions, causes of action, claims and demands of any kind and nature whatsoever which may be suffered by the Renter arising out of or in connection with the Equipment.

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