Our Story

     Our story started eight years ago when we ourselves had a hard time dedicating one or two weeks a year to a  camping trip, surely not enough time to truly justify owning a travel trailer.

     As a growing family, we struggled with the idea of additional costs for a new or used travel trailer, insurance, storage, maintenance and all the other costs associated with owning a trailer. However, we loved how our family camping trips compel the kids to trade in their regular toys for sticks, their electronics for a simple old-fashioned game of monopoly and their own room for a cozy shared bunk bed. Absolutely nothing’s better than seeing those happy little faces smudged with marshmallows and those hands caked in dirt, especially when they’re nowhere near our nice, clean house.

     So one summer, we decided to lose the tent and instead rent a 25-ft house on wheels (otherwise known as a travel trailer) for a 7-day adventure to the Nordegg AB area.  After our first experience, we realized this was something that we personally wanted to share with families across Alberta. After a couple more years of contemplating the idea and some help and support entering the industry, SNA Rentals Inc. was developed.

     SNA Rentals Inc. now strives to bring the experience of the great outdoors to everyone’s summer by providing a hassle-free rental experience for you and your families.  Here are some past and current renters Google reviews…

  Google reviews and Video’s: (SNA Rentals Inc. review link)



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